People are “bitchin” over at the forums about the removal of the advanced image settings being removed from the latest version of WordPress!

In previous versions of WordPress one could click on an image after inserting into a page or post, click Advanced Settings and have the ability to set a border and spacing; however that feature is GONE!

Here is what it use to look like:

oldimageedit advanced image settings

You could click on the image icon and then click Advanced Settings and you would see the Advanced Image Settings, where one could add a border and spacing, easy-peasy!

However those settings are GONE in WordPress 3.9

Here is what it looks like now in 3.9:

worpress 3.9 edit image


Now if you know how to code you can certainly add something like style=”margin-left: 10px; margin-right: 10px;” in the text area of the page/post right before the alt of the image, and you could also edit the CSS by adding an Image CSS Class, if you know how to do that, except many WordPress users are not coders or don’t want to be bothered having to add code to each image they insert. I know my client’s won’t want to add code each time they add an image and they certainly won’t want to call me to do it each and every time they need an image styled.

So a plugin to the rescue!

However I don’t really want to add another plugin to my site. Do you? So I do hope the folks over at WordPress will add that feature back in in a future update.

Until that happens: This just released plugin isĀ  Advanced Image Styles by Gregory Cornelius seems to be the only “easy-peasy” workaround fix for now.

image style pluginOnce the plugin is installed and you add an image to a page/post and click on the image pencil you will now see where you can, once again, easily add your styling, such as borders and spacing, without having to add code. Thanks Gregory Cornelius!

Have you found your “favorite” features missing in WordPress 3.9? Please leave a comment and tell me about it.