Is This You?

Is This YOU? Frustrated and Don’t Know How or Whom to Turn to for HELP?

Here’s who I typically work with for DIY Training, Web Site Development and Doing it for THEM (Virtual Web Master):

  • People who want to learn to do it themselves
  • People who are professionals who need a better or need an online presence
  • People who are highly educated and smart

… some of whom are new to computers

… some of whom are tech-savvy but don’t have enough hours in the day

… some of whom are new to WordPress, iThemes Builder and Genesis

… some need everything done for them, others just a portion

… most are very good at what they do for a living, but need help with site development, e-commerce and Internet Marketing

  • Many are females, although I do have male clients
  • Many are between 30 and 50 and are self-employed or thinking about becoming so
  • Some are thinking about another business or consulting service
  • Some want to have their site “transferred” into a WordPress site
  • Some need a WordPress blog installed – securely and then training on how to use WordPress
  • Many offer services in-person and would like to expand opportunities to the Web & phone
  • Some have a product they would like to create, especially ebooks, and they don’t know how
  • Most have a ton of knowledge that could easily be packaged, marketed and sold via Web – they just need someone like me to assist them in getting it done!

Can You HELP ME?

(Please note: This form is NOT for vendors to solicit their services to me.)