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WordPress recently released a major update in version 3.9 and I’ve been getting a lot of emails from clients and past clients from, “I can’t change the size of my images like I use to”, “my font size changed after updating”, to “my plugin isn’t working with the new version of WordPress”. Before we get to the new features in WordPress 3.9 let’s talk a


The Heartbleed Bug is causing a nosebleed for many! This is a SERIOUS bug that was discovered yesterday, April 7, 2014 and not to be taken lightly by anyone. In the freeĀ  iThemes Weekly Show today, Benjamin Bradley, a.k.a The Professor, mentioned this new found bug that has the potential of affecting each and every one of us. You see, any web site you log

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If you have the NextGen ImageFlow plugin installed and activated and were trying to update WordPress to version 3.8 and you get a page that says something like, “You are not allowed to call this page directly” when you click on update now for WordPress, I have a simple fix for you. Deactivate the plugin and then click on update now for WordPress. WordPress will

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This technique no longer works in the latest version of WordPress 3.8; however I have learned a work around and will add that video soon. (This article is for website designers and web developers.) Stay in Front of Your Client’s by Putting YOUR RSS Feed in THEIR WordPress Dashboard Recently I was in a class and our “Professor”, Benjamin Bradley, gave us a ‘golden

WordPress Logo in Laptop Heart

Did you hear WordPress came out with another new version – update? (as of this writing WordPress version is currently 3.7) And did you know it’s ALWAYS a good idea to update your WordPress site when a new update comes out (and your plugins)? Why you might ask? Well there are several reasons to keep WordPress, and your plugin’s, updated. The number one reason to

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For those of you that might not know, I am a member of, that offers “from beginner to advanced topics, [their] live webinars walk you through how to do all kinds of fun stuff with WordPress” and MORE! offers free, for a fee, and members only webinars, that I believe is the best money I’ve ever spent for my business and training since