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Did you hear WordPress came out with another new version – update? (as of this writing WordPress version is currently 3.7) And did you know it’s ALWAYS a good idea to update your WordPress site when a new update comes out (and your plugins)? Why you might ask? Well there are several reasons to keep WordPress, and your plugin’s, updated. The number one reason to

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For those of you that might not know, I am a member of, that offers “from beginner to advanced topics, [their] live webinars walk you through how to do all kinds of fun stuff with WordPress” and MORE! offers free, for a fee, and members only webinars, that I believe is the best money I’ve ever spent for my business and training since

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An Associate posted some social media questions on Facebook, which got me to thinking, and of course searching for the answer. The first place I turned to was A wonderful infographic site where you can literally discover all kinds of stats, info and ideas for blog posts. Interesting discovery by Browser Media in the UK,  Social Media Sacrifices: So tell me, how much time

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(This article is for website designers and web developers.) Are all your backlink profile’s the same in footer links of websites you’ve designed? Mine are! However that is going to change after reading Using Footer Links to Diversify Your Backlink Profile by Matt Morgan at You see, every so often Google has an algorithm update (about 500-600 a year!), some minor, and every few

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Here’s a great visual on How Does Google PageRank Work – Hope you like it!   How Does Google PageRank Work? infographic  

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A new version of WordPress, WordPress 3.5 (as of this writing), is now available to download or automatically update on your site in your Dashboard. BUT Before you update to the newest version of WordPress please do the following: Back Up your site! I highly recommend BackUpBuddy and it’s being discounted until Dec. 21st at 35%! Once you have installed BUB and do a full