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personal life contract

Copy the Personal Life Management Contract, make it your own, fill it out and sign/date it and keep it by your bed or computer and read each and everyday for 21 days or more and get committed to taking care of yourself, your life and your business! Personal Life Management Contract I,                                              , being of sound mind and wishing to take control of my

cluttered office

Get Rid of YOUR Clutter! Do this for your office and/or home. You’ll be glad you did! Your productivity and love for life will greatly improve. Many people need permission to get rid of things. Basically the 7 Permission Slips below are for if your attitude has changed towards an item or the item is of no value to you any longer then you need

WordPress Plugins

“The Professor” from iThemes training gave us some love today about cleaning up our WordPress sites – at least twice a year – and I decided to tackle creating my first infographic about what I learned. It’s not a FABO infographic; however you will have the information you need to use for plugins that are highly recommended for a Spring and Fall cleanup (or whenever


People are “bitchin” over at the forums about the removal of the advanced image settings being removed from the latest version of WordPress! In previous versions of WordPress one could click on an image after inserting into a page or post, click Advanced Settings and have the ability to set a border and spacing; however that feature is GONE! Here is what it use

WordPress Logo in Laptop Heart

WordPress recently released a major update in version 3.9 and I’ve been getting a lot of emails from clients and past clients from, “I can’t change the size of my images like I use to”, “my font size changed after updating”, to “my plugin isn’t working with the new version of WordPress”. Before we get to the new features in WordPress 3.9 let’s talk a


The Heartbleed Bug is causing a nosebleed for many! This is a SERIOUS bug that was discovered yesterday, April 7, 2014 and not to be taken lightly by anyone. In the free  iThemes Weekly Show today, Benjamin Bradley, a.k.a The Professor, mentioned this new found bug that has the potential of affecting each and every one of us. You see, any web site you log