Do You Sell On the Internet? UPDATE: Training is over; however you can watch the replays of 9 Ways to Build Recurring Revenue With Your WordPress Site iThemes is always “paying it forward” with FREE training that can benefit your business on the Internet! I just LOVE iThemes!!! Here is what is coming up April 20 – 24, 2015 (with “The Professor” a.k.a Benjamin or

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Back in March,  2015, iThemes did it again with a spectacular lineup of six FREE webinars, “Intro to WordPress Web Design”. Watch the Intro to WordPress Web Design and come back and visit and let me know how you liked them! Here are the webinar sessions lineup: Session 1 – What is WordPress? Session 2 – Setting Up WordPress Correctly Session 3 – How to

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This FREE webbie, “How to Create Content That Builds Your Business & Attracts Clients” was so GOOD! Hosted by iThemes and presented by Jennifer Bourn, founder and creative director of Bourn Creative, breaks down the step-by-step process she uses to plan and create content for the Bourn Creative blog. Check out the entire webinar to learn how to create content that builds your business and

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Seven Strategies for Eliminating Clutter In the Workplace By Janet L. Hall and Paula Langguth Ryan A computer consultant sent us pictures of his “disaster area” at work, after his boss demanded that he come into the office on the weekend to clean up his workspace. An employee of the Department of Agriculture showed up at a seminar distraught after his boss gave him an

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Goal-Resolve to Get Your Business Organized Many people make New Year’s resolutions, only to break them within a week or a month afterwards. Many people either do or do not set goals for themselves. Some people have no idea how to set goals. So, let’s look at the difference between resolutions and goals. “Webster’s New World Compact School and Office Dictionary” copyright 1994, offers these

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Copy the Personal Life Management Contract, make it your own, fill it out and sign/date it and keep it by your bed or computer and read each and everyday for 21 days or more and get committed to taking care of yourself, your life and your business! Personal Life Management Contract I,                                              , being of sound mind and wishing to take control of my