iThemes Builder

Cutting Edge iThemes Builder Framework
& Child Themes for WordPress

I’ve been developing sites using Builder and training others how to use Builder since it’s unveiling in 2009 and it’s one of the WordPress themes I LOVE to train in and use to build WordPress sites/blogs. The Builder Theme Framework from iThemes can be used to create high quality, the “way you want it to look” no coding WordPress blogs and WordPress based websites. I chose the iThemes Builder Framework because Builder is easy to learn and use, powerful, yet flexible, that can change and grow with you and your business.

Introducing the iThemes Builder Framework for WordPress

The Builder child themes shown below can be tweaked and changed to your liking using Builder’s layouts feature (you can have different page layouts for different pages, functions or items for your site by inserting modules: images, navigation, content area (with or without sidebars), widget bars, HTML areas, and a footer without coding!). PLUS Builder has a Style Manager that allows you to easily click to change the background, colors, fonts, font size, and more – again – without coding! All this and more provides the foundation to create extraordinary websites and takes WordPress, you and you business to places you never thought you could go!

Among the many features that come with the  iThemes Builder Theme Framework are automatic theme updates, comprehensive array of SEO settings, as many layout options as you want, custom widgets (included is Widget Content – a wonderful fix to No Coding widget areas),  and a huge selection of  Builder Child Theme designs – that can easily be customized – I can show you how – it’s really EASY!

Whether you are a newbie, novice, or beginner or advanced developer, Builder is ideal for any businesses or individuals looking to establish their online presence with WordPress.

DIY Training – Want to Learn?

It would be my honor to train you in this fabulous WordPress iThemes Builder framework and child themes. Training is done via phone, Skype, or classroom. All training sessions are recorded* (screen and voice) and delivered to you via a download or email so you always have your training sessions to refer back to at no extra charge – PRICELESS! Call 410-586-9440 or email


  • Install SECURE WordPress on your site
  • Install Builder/Child themes
  • Show you around Builder – FREE if you purchase iThemes Builder using my affiliate link
  • Building different layouts – no coding!
  • Maneuver Style Manager – no coding!
  • Customize Builder Child Themes – maybe a little coding – I’ll show you how and what you need to change
  • Stay Safe – learn how Back Up your site – you don’t want to lose what you just built! One click back up!
  • How to add video – yours, Vimeo, YouTube, and more – easily – no coding!
  • How to add audio
  • How to create and add Widget Content – no coding! Just like emailing a friend!
  • Must have Plugins (WordPress add ons) – most free!
  • Discovering and Using Widget Logic – unbelievable short cuts for different items to appear on different pages/widgets – no coding!
  • Rotating Text and Images – no coding!
  • and MORE!

Call 410-586-9440 or email for your iThemes Builder training or WordPress training.

To view a demo of the different Builder Child Themes please click on the image and remember I can teach you how to change any of the components shown in the demo! Build it the way YOU want it!

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*Classroom Training is generally not recorded however you can find many training modules on the blog.